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Thank "Bob", I'm well clear of the Dido demographic, the latest lucrative market segment (which seems to be essentially smug, superficially fashionable thirtysomethings who consider themselves much more hip and with-it than they actually are, and/or are in denial about their comfortably bourgeois, alt-MOR tastes).

20 Protection by Masssive Attack Yes, you know that Blue Lines is really the one to have, but you got this because you've heard of Tracey Thorn. You wanted something edgy and hip hop but with the reassuring Marks and Spenceryness that was Everything But The Girl. And you got it!

Anyway, I've got only three titles from the list (Dummy by Portishead, Play by Moby (which I have since found too bland to be worth listening to, and which is probably a candidate for the next CD-liquidation sweep), and OK Computer by Radiohead (though I think that Kid A and Amnesiac are doovy)).

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Posted by: dave http:// Wed Feb 13 16:15:06 2002

I like the hipsters of the hardcore scene - "mods", "Romulans", etc. It's such an amusing subculture.

Posted by: acb Thu Feb 14 03:48:02 2002

I thought that today's "Mods" were mostly private-school indie-kids who watched Quadrophenia once too often and got Mater and Pater to buy them a Vespa.