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A look at Britain's mobile-phone mugging epidemic, by a 14-year-old girl who has had two phones stolen:
My friends and I are "trendies". We wear American-type skateboarders' clothes: hoodies and baggy trousers. The kids who jack mobile phones we call "rudes" - rude boys. They're working class, mainly black, although not always, and at the moment they wear these funny woolly hats with two bobbles, and big jackets with fur-lined hoods. (Obviously, only a minority of kids who dress like this go jacking phones.)

(So the victims dress in imitation of ghetto gangbangers from America and the perpetrators are actual local gangbangers? The authentic preys on the imitation...)

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Posted by: Buster Hihmenn Tue Mar 5 00:07:32 2002

The skater clothes are actually more typical of suburbia than the ghetto, in the US at least. What I'm wondering is why does she sounds like she came straight out of A Clockwork Orange?

Posted by: acb Tue Mar 5 02:43:08 2002

Didn't baggy pants and oversized jackets originate in the ghetto, originally selected for their gun-concealing properties (it's not easy to hide a 9mm automatic in a pair of 501s), and get adopted by gangsta-rap-listening white suburban kids in the 90s? Either way, it goes back to the ghetto, and imitations of gangsta uniform.

Posted by: Buster Hihmenn Tue Mar 5 23:04:24 2002

My impression is skater and ghetto fashions evolved seperately. Young hood rats couldn't afford their own clothes so they wore their father's which was several sizes too big. In jails they had to give up their belts resulting in the saggy pants. The gun concealing theory makes sense though. The styles propagated from the bottom up until, music videos, and later designers caught on.

Loose fitting clothes for the skater are more the result of needing feedom of movement, and also provided some protection for when you ate it. Being neither a skater or a gangsta, I go only by what I hear and read. Great link, by the way.

Posted by: http:// Tue Jun 10 17:52:29 2003

We saw a TV program the other evening (in week 23 2003) on the BBC about the fact that in a few places in the UK it is becoming illegal to wear hats - places such as shopping streets & some shops - apparently so the various surveillance cameras are able to see your face - obviously so the police or other security officers can see your face and build up a case against the shop lifters and the other petty criminals, like the 'phone jackers'