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I picked up Röyksopp's Melody A.M. today; at first listen, it's pretty good; ambient and soundscapey and a bit moody and atmospheric and groovy in places, though managing to avoid becoming dull or repetitive. (Unlike some superficially gimmicky retro-house acts, of the "here is a track called "Minimoog" that has a MiniMoog in it, and here is an 80s-electro-hip-hop pastiche, and here's some filler, and here we build a track around a sample of African flute; cool, non?" variety.)

I also picked up the most recent Stereolab CD, though the jury's still out on that.

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Posted by: Mr Bunkers http:// Mon Mar 4 16:28:59 2002

I saw these guys a few months back (in London) and they were good. Haven't seen anyone get so animated using a computer in a while... Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Graham Tue Mar 5 08:01:59 2002

Hmm. Will have to put that on the list.

As for Sound-Dust, it'll take a few listens to gel I think. My third listen to that was after having the bejesus freaked out of me on 9-12, and it proved quite soothing, actually. Curiously enough, the early Stereolab track "Mellotron" doesn't have any Mellotron on it, it's yet another rowdy organ vs indie guitar jobbie.

Posted by: acb Tue Mar 5 08:08:15 2002

I wasn't referring to Stereolab; rather to various French retro-house acts and the like. (I found most of the Cassius and Grand Popo Football Club albums to be boring filler; though if I ran a trendy bar in Chapel St. or somewhere, I'm sure I'd have it playing all the time.)

Posted by: Graham Tue Mar 5 13:15:17 2002

Hmm, it depends. The Rhinocerose album from a couple of years back isn't too bad.

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