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Scratch an atheist and you'll find a Communist terrorist: Since the terrorist attacks, discrimination against atheists has increased in the US, with the Godless being shunned, denied jobs and vilified as traitors if they reveal their beliefs. As a result, many have retreated to the closet.
Mark Barnes of San Francisco says that revealing his atheism was as difficult as revealing his homosexuality in his native Oklahoma. Filmmaker John Mendoza, whose 2001 movie "Blasphemy" was shown at the meeting, says his mother, "who prayed on her knees in front of the sacred heart of Jesus every day, felt she had failed me and my older brother told me to stay away from his children." And Mary from Berkeley says, "My parents still think I'm going through a stage. Mom, it's been like, 15 years!"

Wonder if it will get to the stage of atheists pretending to be Christians (or indeed Buddhists or Unitarian Universalists or something), or of witch-hunts for "new Christians" who are just going through the motions and secretly teaching their children Darwinism and secular humanism. The more some things change, the more they stay the same. (via 1.0)

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Posted by: Jimbob Wed Mar 13 03:00:29 2002

It seems so bloody obvious (analysing from outside anyway) that religion (doesn't matter which one) is the cause of so many of the world's troubles, not the solution to them. Athiest environments are just so much nicer to live and work in than overtly religious ones. Athiests get on better with fellow human beings. Athiests are less judgemental. Athiests are less inclided to be racist, bigoted, extremists and instead just get on with living their life day by day without getting all stressed about those "obscene sexual perverts". Athiests are better at taking responsibility for their life instead of praying to god for help then blaming the devil (or one of his numerous proxies) if shit hits the fan. Australia is so much the better for being a country where most people only set foot inside a church for weddings and funerals, compared to the US where it seems going to church is the norm. Australia isn't a christian country - it's a pagan country where the dominant religion practiced is christianity.

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