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Stop hating us or face the consequences: The editor of US conservative publication National Review wants to nuke Mecca if there are any more terrorist attacks. Ever the humanitarian, he argues that Mecca should be a target because "few people would die and it would send a signal". And probably start a holy war against America by the 99.999% of Muslims who, prior to the attack, had no sympathy for the terrorists. Of course, such retaliation can be averted by threatening to nuke other cities in the Islamic world if there is any outpouring of anti-American sentiment:
"Damascus, Cairo, Algiers, Tripoli, and Riyadh should be put on alert that any signs of support for the attacks in their cities will bring immediate annihilation."

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Posted by: Ben Nelson http:// Sun Mar 17 03:47:03 2002

This is just sick, and the sad part is, it's not unconceivable. The conservatives have America so blinded with nonsensical patriotic and jingoistic propaganda that a military campaign against any dark-skinned people would receive strong support. Try to voice your opposition,and you're labeled "divisive" and "un-American." That last adjective sound familiar? The New McCarthyites are in power; God knows what they'll do next. Incidentally, I'd like a url for that story in the National Review. E-mail is Thanks.

Posted by: acb Mon Mar 18 05:20:50 2002

Find it yourself. All I've got is posted in my blog.

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