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Righto, that's enough blogging for now; I'm off. Blogging will probably be sporadic or nonexistent over the next few days.

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Posted by: Ben Fri Mar 15 09:55:37 2002


Posted by: memphet http:// Fri Mar 15 15:46:38 2002


Posted by: Jimmy Sat Mar 16 01:55:58 2002

Unbelievable Arsehole!

Posted by: Graham http:// Sat Mar 16 04:28:34 2002

Minion of the Loathseom Wurg!

Posted by: sam http:// Sat Mar 16 13:15:26 2002

Is there going to be a write-up when you get back? :)

So who would everyone else see if they went down? Personally, I'd check out most of the blues/roots bands, the flamenco/guitar stuff, ooh Paul Williamson (guess I'll just have to wait for him to get back to the Rainbow), some of the other Jazz looks good too, the world music stuff, banana oil (only because of tim neal though!), maybe some of the other reggae stuff.

Cripes. There's so much great stuff! Grr, how could I have never been???? And then there's that damned Wangaratta Festival of Jazz.. always right in the middle of exams!

Posted by: acb Mon Mar 18 04:01:26 2002

Yes, there will be, once I have sufficient energy to write one up.

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