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I'm typing this in an Internet café in Apollo Bay. The computers are quite ancient, but they're sufficiently unprotected for me to download PuTTY and ssh home.

I spent most of today on a coach travelling down the Great Ocean Road. Not the most luxurious form of travel. If you have to catch a coach, you're well advised to take a source of music and headphones. (The headphones cannot be stressed enough; i.e., not like the dude with the boombox across the aisle who was sharing his taste in nu-metal with the other passengers; granted, he had the volume down, but why bother?)

Discovery of the day: the perfect soundtrack for riding down the Great Ocean Road is Slowdive's Pygmalion; it goes sublimely with the scenery (surf on deserted rocky beaches, roads winding around desolate craggy cliffs, etc.); and seeing the approach to Lorne open up two minutes into Blue Skied An' Clear was just perfect.

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Posted by: cos Mon Mar 18 12:27:03 2002

I found MindTerm (a java applet SSH client) pretty useful when I was travelling in NYC in Feb. 2000 and New Zealand in Feb. 2001. These days, I'd prolly use that, and maybe as a backup take PuTTY on a floppy or CD, along with a Linux Bootable Business Card -

Posted by: acb Mon Mar 18 13:25:58 2002

I should have done the PuTTY business card trick (and throw a Mac client on there just in case). The bootable business card thing may not work with the networking. Mind you, neither is of use with those PieLink kiosks (which are sealed Linux-based boxen, it would seem).

Though apparently there's now a signed MindTerm applet which can connect to hosts other than its own.

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