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Disobeying doctor's orders: This evening, I went down to the Empress Hotel to see Baseball (Cameron from Ninetynine's side project) and Seth Rees (the local shoegazing guitar instrumentalist). The show rocked. Baseball were great, playing with an eccentric varietty of instruments (accordion, violin, and a drum that looked like it may have belonged to an old-fashioned toy soldier (only larger, of course), alongside guitar and drum kit). Their songs included a number of quirky minor-key numbers, sounding like something out of a late-night movie on SBS, and the band put a great amount of feeling into them.

Then Seth went up and did a set of processed guitar ambience, halfway through which he called Cameron (who was standing out as usual, in a Pakistani fur hat, pink shirt and gaudy tie) up to play drums. That went down quite well, especially considering that they've never played together.

Btw, Baseball may (or may not) be supporting Vodka Party tomorrow (Wednesday) night at the Czech Club. If they are, they're well worth seeing.

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