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CodeWeavers, who wrote the CrossOver web browser plug-in for Linux (which allows Windows plug-ins to run under Linux) have now released a system for running MS Office on Linux. Which is technically a fairly impressive feat; equally impressively, all the code has been contributed back to WINE, the LGPLed Windows emulation system for Linux; which means that, after all these years, WINE may be becoming more than a technical curiosity. (It's certainly better than things like Lindows, as (a) it isn't based on a customised, dumbed-down Linux distribution, and (b) the code is going back to the community.) (via Slashdot)

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Posted by: Paul http:// Thu Mar 28 16:18:20 2002

Question: Why on earth is all this energy spent getting Microsoft software to run on a Linux machine? Is there not good office software available on that platform?

Posted by: acb Fri Mar 29 14:38:18 2002

I don't use office software much, but apparently (a) it's not 100% compatible with MS's formats (which are used widely in business), and (b) management types want Microsoft Office.