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It looks like my Pilot (an ancient US Robotics Pilot 5000, not one of those new-fangled PalmPilots) is cactus. The touch screen finally gave out, and now varies between locking the machine up and not working at all. I've managed to get the data off it, and now am looking at what to replace it with. (I'm thinking of going with a Psion.)

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Posted by: Graham http:// Thu Apr 4 13:58:19 2002

well, it was something like five years old, innit? not bad for something like that.

Posted by: acb Thu Apr 4 14:34:50 2002

Yes, but I had it exchanged for a reconditioned model a few years ago. Not sure if I'd do that again, as it's getting on in years (only 1Mb of RAM, for one, and you can't run some software, such as Python, on it).

Posted by: Claire Thu Apr 4 20:56:33 2002

I still have one of these, too. If I ever get around to replacing it, though, I'm seriously thinking about getting one of those DayTimer/Franklin-Covey notebook things. The advantages of having appointments, contacts, and such available electronically over the ease of scribbling stuff on paper are beginning to escape me.