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I've been playing around with Zope, and it's very doovy. As such, I get the feeling that this entire blog will end up rewritten in Zope.

Anyway, as of now, Upcoming Events in Melbourne has been rewritten, and is now running via Zope. See if you can tell the difference.

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Posted by: mike_farahbakhshian Tue Apr 9 16:04:26 2002

Might i recommend the Portal Toolkit, or whatever the hell they call it these days. I've done my fair share of Zope programming, including a couple boring Zope Products (alas, not BoringProduct) -- if you need help or contributions, lemme gn0w.

Posted by: Jimbob Wed Apr 10 03:43:54 2002

ooo Zope is so slow and clunky. Well it was last time I used it, about a year ago. Submitting a comment to a forum took about 10 seconds for my server to churn through all the code. Stick with the raw stuff.

Posted by: acb Wed Apr 10 04:45:25 2002

In my case, the raw stuff is written in Python as well; and Zope seems to be changing rapidly, so it may be better now.

I intend to add things to the Zopeified gradually, seeing if they work acceptably.

Posted by: richard Wed Apr 10 04:46:42 2002

Zope hasn't been slow and clunky for a long time. If you're expecting large numbers of hits, then use ZEO like we do. Otherwise, it's just fine. I also recommend running your site with the CallProfiler product that I wrote (assuming it's all ZODB objects and not on-disk products). Look on (or in the upcoming Zope 2.6 release) for that.

Posted by: richard Wed Apr 10 04:50:14 2002

Oh yeah - consider using Zope's caching for stuff like the upcoming events thing. I'm not completely up to speed with it, but it caches the output of methods. You then just modify your "add event" method so it invalidates the cache. Hey presto, almost static page speed :)

Posted by: mike_farahbakhshian Wed Apr 10 14:48:14 2002

also, you will be slow if you use a product like FSSession for session management.

Posted by: acb Wed Apr 10 14:53:07 2002

session management? what's that? :-)