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I wandered down to Synæsthesia this afternoon, and picked up Can't Stop It!, the compilation of Australian post-punk from between 1978 and 1982. Some of the tracks on this CD are surprisingly recent sounding; Essendon Airport's How Low Can You Go sounds like something off a recent Sadness Is In The Sky compilation, Ash Wednesday's Love By Numbers, with its sequencer riffs, sounds like it could have been put together a few years ago (though this may be because of the 80s retro thing), and the track by Equal Local (who featured TB-303 circuitbender and marital sadomasochism advocate Robyn "Devilfish" Whittle among their lineup) sounds almost like one of those contemporary free-jazz/laptop-glitch act. Though the CD also does have its moments of sloppy, inchoate punk-rawk noise (The Slugfuckers' contribution comes to mind).

I also picked up the new album by Letraset, the more experimental side project of Minimum Chips. On first listen, it has some very nice ambient moments, including a track a little reminiscent of Radiohead's Treefingers. Though I haven't had a proper listen to it yet.

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Posted by: Its Totalhighness PitrI http:// Fri Apr 12 10:49:12 2002

Is that the one from "London Records" ?

Posted by: acb Fri Apr 12 10:52:40 2002

No; both of these CDs are from Chapter Music, a local indie label.

Posted by: Sad Pitr the Frenchman http:// Sat Apr 13 08:09:11 2002

Huh ho... sounds like an exciting challenge to come : Have some vivendi universal local e-salesdrone commited learn what local indie labels are.

-- Pitr's providing worst English since 1995

Posted by: cos Sat Apr 13 12:17:54 2002

btw, i spotted some new Minimum Chips compilation of "early" stuff today. seen it ? i forget the name, though.

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