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Recently East Timor, which attained independence after years of bloody repression, held presidential elections. A thought that occurred to me: would East Timor have had any chance of getting its independence today, had it not done so before the World Trade Center terrorist attack? Probably not; given how governments across the world have capitalised on the War On Terror to label domestic pro-autonomy movements (from Chechens to Uighurs) as "terrorists" ineligible for sympathy or human rights, I can imagine Indonesia being given carte blanche to pacify its recalcitrant province by all means necessary, with no interference from the Western media, in return for joining the coalition against al-Qaeda.

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Posted by: Paul http:// Tue Apr 16 19:09:19 2002

Remember just prior to 9/11 when the WTO officials were 'considering' a public debate with the anti-globalization crowd? I was beginning to look like the negative media/media blackout on those issues was starting to evaporate a little. But all that and many other kinds of nuanced arguments concerning objectionable state doctrine crumbled along with the towers. Sometimes it seems to me all to convenient...

Posted by: Decstation was optimist http:// Wed Apr 17 02:26:21 2002

There's now a World Social Forum as well as a World Economic Forum. But the real story is that, just as the 90s were the decade of the hegemony of the Bills (Gates & Clinton), the 00s will be ruled by the two Michael Moores.