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Speaking of bootywhang-obsessed French musicians, Serge Gainsbourg cops a bucketing from Tanya Headon, who sums him up as "the Benny Hill of pop". Touché.

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Posted by: Majestic Pitr http:// Mon May 13 06:40:53 2002

Who'll ever wonder how such a "cabbage-headed" man subdued so many victims with his "naughty tricks" ?

Posted by: acb Mon May 13 06:58:17 2002

Indeed. Which argues strongly for the existence of a parallel, invisible dimension of bootywhang whose geometry governs sexual mojo, sort of like the Luck Plane of SubGenius metaphysics influences Slack.

Posted by: Pdr Marshall Yoda Pitr http:// Tue May 14 07:30:33 2002

As far as I can guess, most of Gainsburg fame comes from his unearthed unearthed ability to have anyone find pleasure into whatever his interest make him roam.

For sure, anyone can find connections between pleasure and real life. For sure, a few can show the way to those lost looking for it. Some can even help you to find it even if you think you're not looking for it. Some ask for a price doing this : they are psychanalist or prostitutes (what's the difference ?) Some take a part of it and won't tell you : Gainsbourg's one of them.

It happens that he was also an average ungrown human male, and share various interests with some of us, like sex, public farting, idol burning, addictive things and word games, but this is far less interesting.

Compas is futile : you'll be cabbage-headed.

-- My finger points at the mood, but the fool look at the tentacle. Too lazy to learn right from wrong, I'll have them laugh at themselves. (adpt Taigu Ryokan)

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