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is your neighbour a terrorist?

Do you suspect that your neighbour may be a terrorist? Take this test and find out if your suspicions are true. (via Charlie's Diary)

Take a stroll down your street. Which houses are missing the appropriate decorations for the time of year? Which are missing a well-decorated Christmas tree and lights? Which do not have Fourth of July decorations? Which are missing an American flag? (this is an obvious sign of a terrorist's house.)

(How to determine if your co-worker/neighbour/spouse/brother may be a terrorist (Australian version): ask them which football team they barrack for. If they answer, ask them to name the team captain and several players. If they are unable to provide answers, they may be a terrorist sleeper agent.)

There are 2 comments on "is your neighbour a terrorist?":

Posted by: Graham Tue May 21 13:07:22 2002

I'm not a terrorist! Watch! Hawthorn. Shane Crawford's the captain, key players include Chick, Dixon, Hay, Lekkas, Graham, Holland, Barker. I could go on, you know...

Posted by: Aussie Sleeper http:// Tue May 21 19:48:06 2002

Haha! You fool! Now I can blend into the population undetected.

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