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I just picked up the CD of Mali Music, Damon Albarn's project with musicians from Mali. It's pretty good in places (especially the opening track). For some reason, though, it fails to rip on the PC I tried it on (which plays it fine, but fails to extract data from it). It rips OK on a PowerBook though. The booklet says nothing about any copy-denial technology being used. Has anybody else had any such issues with this disc?

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Posted by: acb Wed Jun 19 17:01:36 2002

Funnily enough, it rips perfectly well with cdparanoia on my home Linux box. It just doesn't rip on my work machine. Then again, back when I had to use Windows NT, the work machine had problems ripping some CDs (the ones from the pressing plant EMI and Warner use in Australia in particular would stop ripping and return silence halfway through), though I never had this problem since installing Linux on it. Maybe it's just something weird with Compaq hardware or BIOS?

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