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BMG buys Zomba

Following EMI's purchase of once-credible postpunk indie Mute, the Big Mean German has stepped into the fray and bought Zomba, the world's largest "independent" record label and premier purveyor of booty music and bubblegum pop.

(It's funny how everybody smaller than the Big 5 was considered technically an "independent" label, regardless of how they operated; as such, this lead to anomalies such as well-known indie-pop artists NSync and Britney Spears dominating the NME "indie" charts. On one extreme you have people who say that EMI is an indie label as they're not part of a zaibatsu, and at the other there are the indiekid snobs who would classify labels such as Matador as not being real indies because they're not run out of a bedroom.)

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Posted by: Graham Wed Jun 19 13:43:55 2002

That's interesting. I once got someone enraged when I told them Savage Garden were technically an indie band. At least BMG haven't gone megalomaniac like Vivendi Universal, who are running around buying water rights before Monsanto gets them. Also, when the heck did Sony buy out Ericcson? I missed that, only noticed it on a mobile phone ad tonight...

Posted by: acb Wed Jun 19 14:14:50 2002

Sony bought part or all of Ericsson's mobile division when Ericsson decided to quit the business (apparently Nokia were thrashing them quite soundly).

Not to mention Killing Heidi; though that's technically now Sony.

Btw, I'm still undecided whether the new Bowie album (owned by him, distributed by Sony) should be exempt from my Sony Music boycott.

Posted by: dave http:// Wed Jun 19 14:54:51 2002

My friend's band is in the process of signing to Anti, a division of Epitaph. It isn't official yet, but as soon as it is, I'm sure the "sellout" accusations will start flying.

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