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A heartwarming example of inter-faith unity

A heartwarming example of inter-faith unity: What could bring the Bush administration and members of the so-called Axis of Evil together on the same side? Opposition to rights for gays, women and children and the Godless European secular humanists who back them. (Wonder where Australia's government stands on this; I suspect that if push came to shove, our leaders would line up obediently with Bush.) (via lots of places)

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Posted by: reen Thu Jun 20 16:12:07 2002

This really unnerves me, in part because one of the earliest responses to 9/11 was to look at U.S. foreign policy in the middle east and to say, "wow, we do not push our values. We just roll over and say to Saudi Arabia, yeah! Oppress your people! Our servicewomen will wear chadors! Go, oppression." There was this idea that American culture was 100% opposed to oppression, and in favor of freedom, but that somehow, we weren't pushing that abroad. Now we just realize that America, at least Bush's America, is only in support of freedom for certain people. It helps to be white, straight, and male. I've got two out of three. Is that okay?