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Today I saw a guy named Gary Wiseman (who has interesting CD packaging), the always lovely Jen Turrell, local guitar/double-bass act Sodastream and Amy Linton of the Aislers Set play, in a backyard in inner Melbourne. Which was fun, if a bit chilly at times.

Jen and Stewart play Clifton Hill, 23/6/2002 Amy Linton and friends, Clifton Hill, 23/6/2002

Every band venue should have a Hills hoist in the middle... And every backyard should have a PA setup and a combination mixing console/compost bin.

And that was probably the last time I will see Stewart and Jen (two genuinely lovely people and very talented musicians) for some time, as they leave Australia this week, not to return for some years. The next time will probably require me to visit the US or something like that.

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Posted by: Jimbob Mon Jun 24 00:48:00 2002

Was this legal? Were the general public allowed in, or was it invited guests only? I ask this because this world seems filled with screwed up laws regarding where bands can play and who can see them, especially outside licenced pubs and clubs. I once got in trouble for playing at a Scout Hall without an APRA licence (one of the bands played a couple of covers) and without council approval. If Melbourne is the kind of town where one can legally hold gigs in backyards, I might move there instead of Queensland next year ;)

Posted by: acb Mon Jun 24 04:12:47 2002

Technically invitation only; it wasn't publically advertised anywhere. It was more or less a party/BBQ, only with a rented PA in the back yard. :-) Though a lot of people showed up (mostly band members and local music scene people).

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