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the most fearsome sound known to humans

The Pentagon is developing a sonic weapon based on one of the most fearsome sounds known to humanity: that of a baby crying. The weapon transmits sound along two ultrasonic signals, so that only the immediate target hears it. Other parts of the military-industrial complex are keen to cash in on the technology as well; already a company plans to use it in soft-drink machines, so that the person in front of the machine can hear the sound of a can opening. Wonder how long until they put this in advertising signs.

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Posted by: Paul http:// Tue Jun 25 18:04:31 2002

To quote the 'precog' from Minority Report: "I'm <i>so tired</i> of the future."

Posted by: bzackey Wed Jun 26 04:02:34 2002

Yeah, but can you dance to it?

Posted by: recrea33 Thu Jun 27 05:19:36 2002

babys are so last year.