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I hadn't been going out much, or blogging much for that matter, lately due to work having been rather insane. However, I have been listening to CDs, so here's a list of what I've been listening to lately:

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Posted by: Luke Mon Jul 15 06:46:43 2002

Victor. He's not the guy who used to play plastic drums outside Hoyts in Sydney, is he? I sincerely hope so...

Posted by: acb Mon Jul 15 07:09:36 2002

Don't know. He's in his 50s, unshaven, somewhat scruffy-looking. I'm not sure if he has ever been in Sydney, though he apparently has been in Melbourne for years.

Posted by: Luke Mon Jul 15 14:34:26 2002

Dark hair? Beard? Shortish? Could be the same guy; he disappeared from the outside of Hoyts in about... what, 95? That'd be a long enough time...

He used to have a sign that (I think) said "My name is VICTOR. If you want to take a photo it will be $1." - could well be him. Hmm.

Posted by: acb Mon Jul 15 16:11:30 2002

More stubble than a beard, though sounds similar. He's short, balding, and somewhat weathered-looking.

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