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Seascapes of the Interior again

I'm listening to Seascapes of the Interior's demo CD, and it's brilliant. Very atmospheric and soundscapey, with piano, fiddle, effected guitar, analogue synths and more. Can't wait to hear what their album's going to sound like.

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Posted by: Luke Mon Jul 15 14:35:22 2002


Is this burnable? Do they have them on sale? I had a copy of their first demo tape from the PM list days once, and quite liked it; Adam Casey plays in them, doesn't he?

Would be interested to hear...

Posted by: acb Mon Jul 15 15:24:25 2002

Yes, he does. It's a homemade CDR, which he gave me at the gig they did at the Empress on Friday. Five tracks, with no title info, and only a red-on-grey business card accompanying it.

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