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He's so special, he is the Specialist

The Riceboy Page, a sarcastic look at a peculiar subculture (note: not ethnically-based) obsessed with souping up Japanese compact cars to look fast and "sporty", rebadging them to claim they're some exotic sports model, and often impairing their performance with ridiculous-looking modifications. But hey, if it makes it look fast and impressive, that's all that matters. Which all brings to mind a certain Down Town Brown song about a fast car. (via The Fix)

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Posted by: ed Tue Jul 23 17:58:56 2002

hm i guess there's no 'tuning' in australia. one of the most irritating subcultures here in portugal is that which consists of making crap cars like the fiat punto (i own an unchanged one), the opel corsa, the renault clio, the volkswagen polo etc look and sound as if they were porsches. you can find tuning all over europe, but in decent (*cough*) countries like germany they will at least mod powerful cars.

there is however a comedy side to tuning. finding a renault express wagon completelly modded is always worth a good laugh. god forbid if they start making philipines-like trucks.

Posted by: Jimbob Tue Jul 23 23:55:04 2002

There doesn't seem to be TUNING, as such, just an obsession about making the cars as loud and annoying as possible. C'mon. A V8 motor sounds good, it doesn't matter what sort of exhaust you whack on it. A 1.5L Ford Laser motor with the exhaust drifting through an 6 inch exhaust just gives me the same feeling as fingers being dragged down a blackboard.

Posted by: ed Wed Jul 24 11:40:17 2002

the problem is that the kind of people who do 'tuning' over here will buy the large exaust, ailerons and larger bumpers, but they'll keep their 1.1 engines