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the new United Fruit Company?

The new United Fruit Company? After the Peruvian government introduces a bill mandating the use of open-source software in government, the US ambassador warns Peru to kill it or the CIA-installed junta that replaces you will kill it for you.

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Posted by: GJW formerly Jimbob Mon Jul 29 00:56:44 2002

I love this comment:

Villanueva pointed out that the state has recently begun paying water and energy bills on behalf of many schools. "(T)hey are so poor that they could not afford these services, and the provision was being interrupted," he said. "Does it make sense in this context to use tax-payer's money to pay Microsoft licenses?"

Posted by: Paul http:// Mon Jul 29 11:56:14 2002

It's the new domino effect. If open source gains a foothold in Peru, it could effect neighboring countries, rippling its way right through to the US/Mexican border!