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Get your biscuits in the oven and your buns into bed

Get your biscuits in the oven and your buns into bed: In Melbourne, a group of divorced fathers angry at the state of family law have decided to do the most sensible thing about it: form a paramilitary fascist group, complete with uniforms, balaclavas and a historically ominous name (the Blackshirts), and go around campaigning to "re-establish marriage" by the most direct route: that is, of course, by anonymously harrassing their and each others' ex-wives. Now it turns out that the organiser of this group is a fixture of Melbourne's rock'n'roll scene. He has apparently run a rehearsal studio for over a decade, and users of it are familiar with his numerous psychoceramic beliefs (such as towing Tasmania back to the mainland).

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Posted by: Ben http:// Mon Jul 29 07:43:27 2002

On a similar note, supposedly (according to a poster I saw) the Birmingham hotel in Collingwood has Nazi meetings and a Nazi band there. So next time you are stuck for somewhere to toast Hitler's birthday and remember the fallen at Waco, head down to the corner of Johnston and Smith streets!

Posted by: Andrew Tue Jul 30 00:30:43 2002

My band (Walken) recorded a quick + dirty live demo at the Dane Centre end of 2000. The guy there was completely nuts, told us about the old days of rock and how the bass has to be on the left of the drums or he'd kill us.

He was the campest homophobe I've ever met too. Hated Molly Meldrum. He wouldn't shut up about it. And he simply couldn't understand why we'd want the vocals in one channel and the music in the other (it was a two channel mixer). I've heard a few bands go on about this guy.

We never played there again.

Posted by: Andrew Tue Jul 30 00:44:02 2002

The photo at this URL was taken in one of the studios... probably the one we jammed in. Eeeek.,5936,4775900%255E3163,00.html

I feel dirty.

Posted by: GJW Tue Jul 30 01:13:36 2002

That's gotta be the most bizarre thing I've read in a long time. At least the Nazi's in Adelaide are just on the old-fashioned "Stop the asian invasion!" bandwagon.

Posted by: acb Tue Jul 30 01:18:16 2002

Molly Meldrum's gay?

Posted by: Molly Meldrum http:// Tue Jul 30 12:28:55 2002

I'm queer as a eight dollar note!