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nightmare of peace and prosperity over

A lot of people have linked to this recently (GJW/Jimbob and Jorn are two), but it's somewhat frightening how much of this Onion article from January 2001 has come true.

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Posted by: John Tomato http:// Tue Jul 30 16:28:54 2002

we americans wondered what a dan quayle presidency would be like. didn't know it would be all christian all the time with heavy overtones of the 'left behind' books insanity mixed in.

JohnTomato evangelical agnostic

Posted by: alex Wed Jul 31 08:17:53 2002

Laura Dern, as seen in fillums such as 'Jurassic Park', umm, that one with Nicholas Cage, and 'Blue Velvet', also appeared in a dodgy 'period drama' set in the US south called 'Ramblin' Rose' - seeing this film on telly at an early age was certainly an eye-opener, thankyou channel nine. She played a nymphomaniac, of sorts, and at one stage attempts to seduce an older gentleman fellow. He almost succumbs, and eventually restores order, chastising the young Rose to 'put that titty away'.

This is what I think of when I hear John Ashcroft mentioned in the press. 'Put that titty away'. Thanks for listening.

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