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Mogwai in Melbourne

Apparently Glaswegian post-rockers Mogwai are coming to Melbourne in October. They're playing a set at alternateen rock fest Livid. I wonder if they're doing a solo gig as well; I don't really fancy paying some huge sum of money to see a short set by them and get a bunch of extreme-sports demos and skate-metal shows as a bonus.

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Posted by: Graham Tue Aug 13 01:25:02 2002

Isn't Livid in Brisbane, tho?

Posted by: acb Tue Aug 13 01:25:54 2002

They've got it in Sydney and Melbourne as well from this year.

Posted by: Graham Tue Aug 13 01:27:10 2002

I'm half thinking of flying up to Brisbane for Livid, anyway... I'd just like the fact that Mogwai would confuse the Gen-Y mooks who would no doubt be waiting for the rapping to start.

Anyway, I would say it'd be odds on that they'd do at least one gig somewhere like the Corner.

Posted by: Graham Tue Aug 13 01:28:11 2002

Oh dear, it's the beginning of the end for Livid...

Posted by: acb Tue Aug 13 02:23:49 2002

I hope that the Corner show isn't when I'm in London.

Posted by: cos Wed Aug 14 00:09:22 2002

They played the Hi Fi Bar last time, I think (odd choice, really). I heard good things about it, but as usual I didn't go ...