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Pinkness and Horror

Pinkness and horror: In terms of sheer concentrated pinkness in one place, few things could outdo Goth day at Disneyland. (via bOING bOING)

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Posted by: bzackey Wed Aug 14 18:57:09 2002

I don't know, I find this to be incredibly amusing. Imagine these moody adolescents setting foot in the Magic Kingdom and having their sullen attitudes of cultivated depression melt away under the irrepressible fun that is Disneyland. Goth kids shrieking happily on the Matterhorn, whistling and clapping for one of the many parades, and having their imitation-corpse makeup utterly ruined by a trip down Splash Mountain.

Posted by: acb Thu Aug 15 07:47:11 2002

Or the layering of the miasma of conformistic evil that is Disneyland, with its consumerism and happy-faced authoritarianism, merging with the carefully cultivated pinkness and conformity of the we're-so-much-more-creative-and-original-than-the-normals people who all wear the same narrowly defined uniform and delight in bitching out those who are "not really goth" because they listen to the wrong music or something. Imagine those two forces merging and melding and feeding off each other like a witch's brew of human pinkness and horror, its loathsome pstench permeating everything for miles around, distorting the luck plane, perhaps even summoning the supersonic aluminium Nazi Hell Creatures.

Posted by: bzackey Thu Aug 15 22:13:30 2002

Sure, they might claw their way up through the Hollow Earth with the intent to ravage and destroy, but not even they could resist the jolly fun of "Pirates of the Caribbean." Even the fearsome Yacatisma would hop off their cosmic death-cycles for the chance to get their pictures taken with Donald Duck.