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An article looking at the miasma of creepiness hanging over Adelaide, and in particular at its unusually generous proportion of grisly serial murders, and also the social phenomena that may amplify the cultural effects of such. No mention of zoo animal mutilations though.

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Posted by: GJW Wed Aug 14 23:15:17 2002

Radically leftist though seemingly intelligent one says: Forget about 6 degrees of separation. I think it's probably more like 3 in Adelaide. I've been planning for years (and wishing for software to do it for me) to draw up a big sheet of paper, write everyone I know's name on it, and draw connecting lines between people who know each other. eg.

I met my g/f through my mate's sister, who is friends with her cousin. My mate met his g/f through my g/f, and his g/f's boss is his ex-g/f's father. His g/f went to primary school with my ex-g/f. My ex-g/f's partner's cousin is also friends with his g/f.

These aren't people who all lived in the same area, these are people spread over the whole metropolitan expanse of Adelaide who've only got together recently. Oh yeah, the article forgot to mention the police officers who bashed a gay guy to death and dumped the body in the Torrens in the 1970s.

Posted by: GJW Wed Aug 14 23:18:39 2002

Oh yeah, a mate of mine drives a delivery truck to the mid-north. He went to Snowtown and asked at the store if they had any "I had a BARREL of fun in Snowtown!" bumper stickers. They weren't impressed.