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Mogwai play the Prince of Wales

Yes! Mogwai are playing in Melbourne on the 17th of October. It's at the Prince of Wales, though; I just hope that the PA there isn't as abysmal as it was when FourPlay last played (I was right in front of the stage and the chatter of the people in the room drowned out the band).

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Posted by: alex Wed Aug 21 06:56:51 2002

After all I have heard of Mogwai performances I think you should bring your ear plugs. Apparently they create a wall of sound no audience chatter will ever permeate.

Posted by: acb Wed Aug 21 07:13:10 2002

Good idea. Except that the PA at the Prince is naff. The speakers, for some reason, go over the heads of the crowd, leaving only subwoofers under the stage. Which is OK for booty-pumpin' dance grooves, but not for anything you're meant to listen (as opposed to dance) to.

Posted by: Graham Wed Aug 21 09:17:21 2002

I really don't think that audience chatter will be much of a problem, since that Mogwai have basically said they expect the audience to bring earplugs. (They even say so on the door to avert OHS issues.) Anyway, the idea of coming down again is tempting...

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