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Apparently the new Fischerspooner album is getting a local release; I may have to check it out. Bec Hornsby just played a track from it on her programme on 3RRR; it's much as I expected, stilted synthpop-inspired beats. I get the impression of them being to the 80s what the mid-90s Britpop movement were to the 60s, or perhaps Air to the '70s; not so much a slavish imitation as a reinterpretation and an updating. (Or perhaps an appropriation or opportunistic plundering.)

(Which makes one wonder what the '90s-inspired artists in a decade's time will be like. Grunge revivalists, perhaps, or 'old-style' commercial techno-pop with 909s and 303s in the mix; only done as an ironic reference, with a 'teens sensibility?)

Btw, while I'm on the topic, I think the word "electroclash" sounds rather daft; as it (i.e., Fischerspooner, Ladytron, Felix Da Housecat) doesn't sound particularly clashy, or indeed like The Clash. I prefer Mag/Tif's term "neo-electro". Then again, most music-journalist-coined genre names initially sound silly and ill-fitting (e.g., "goth", "shoegazer", "britpop", etc.)

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Posted by: Graham Tue Aug 27 12:07:52 2002

What, a newer one than the one with the lurid tongue on the cover that's been out here for a few months? Who cares.

Dunno, "electroclash" seems to fit for me, and it's more descriptive than, say, "garage", which can mean about three different things. The "neo-" prefix is so 90's tho'. Can't wait for "neo-ironic".

Posted by: acb Tue Aug 27 12:14:59 2002

We've had "post-ironic" for years now. (Though the "post-" may not mean "after irony", but "postmodern/ironic", implying an extra level of preemptive detachment from the subject matter.)

Posted by: Graham Tue Aug 27 14:02:28 2002

yeah, focr ouse. But methinx we ought to start throwing neo-ironic around a bit.

Posted by: Graham Tue Aug 27 14:03:19 2002

i mean "of course". nyeh, my typing fingers are becoming dislexic.