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Morrissey at Livid?

Rumour has it that Morrissey is coming out of retirement to play at Australian teenage mookfest Livid. And this is just after I bought my ticket for the separate Mogwai show. Wonder if there's any chance of Moz doing a separate gig.

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Posted by: Graham Fri Aug 30 06:12:48 2002

Hmm, a bit unlikely. Though The Cure played Livid in the early 90's, so anything's possible.

I wouldn't say that Livid is much a "mook" fest as, say, the Vans Warped tour, at least when it was just Brisbane. The thing is, you're just getting old.

Posted by: acb Fri Aug 30 07:35:38 2002

Look at the bands lined up. They're mostly grunge/rap-metal.

And maybe I am getting old. I'm still buying records, though, so I'm still alive.

Posted by: acb Fri Aug 30 07:36:57 2002

And if the bands aren't enough, there's also the extreme sports demos. Souns pretty mook to me.

Posted by: Luke Fri Aug 30 15:16:54 2002

You should've seen some of the fans at the Oye Esteban! gigs in London. There was moshpit mania there, folks.

If he makes it, I'm so fucking there, wherever it is. Oho yes.

Posted by: Graham Sat Aug 31 13:36:51 2002

Hmm... Trail of Dead are appearing as well, almost sounds worth going.

Posted by: Luke Mon Sep 2 01:54:36 2002

Check the Livid site. He *is* coming.

If there's no separate gigs, I'll be ropable.

Posted by: Luke Mon Sep 2 01:55:23 2002

Oh - forgot to say... I hope that you're not too disappointed by Mogwai. I saw 'em at Shepherd's Bush and they were abysmal.

Posted by: acb Mon Sep 2 02:02:29 2002

Abysmal? How so? Did they stand there staring at their shoes whilst playing guitar or something?

Posted by: Luke Mon Sep 2 08:57:04 2002

Pretty much. Baldies do angry guitar without acknowledging audience. Only GYBE interacted less with the crowd, but at least they had filmstrips to compensate for the lack of personality...

Posted by: Zooropida http:// Tue Sep 3 15:44:08 2002

Yes Sir Moz will be there...too bad I cannot make in Canada see? Little far to goo///see???