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Tokyo rape safari

Yakuza gangs in Japan have figured out a way of monetising sex crime; and have started operating rape safaris for paying customers, presumably the sick bastards whose tastes have become too rarefied for hentai anime and vending-machine schoolgirl panties.
"If a member tells his club the type of women he'd like to rape, the club will arrange it for him. Market rates are about 100,000 yen a rape. If the member designates a specific individual, the fee can go over 1 million yen in some cases. Designating an individual usually involves putting the guy together with somebody who knows him, making it more likely they can be reported to the cops, so the greater cost arises from the greater risk factor," the source tells Asahi Geino.

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Posted by: RPS http:// Wed Sep 11 19:56:25 2002

From MDN Wai Wai - The Weekly World News ('Aliens ate my Baby!' 'Batboy emerges after 13 years in cave!') of Japan

Posted by: acb Thu Sep 12 05:19:49 2002

More like the Sun of Japan; saucy, but with a grain of truth.

I'm sure that schoolgirl prostitution rings and bizarre sexual fetishes do exist in Japan (which is a rather odd sort of place).