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October spawned a monster

Yes! Morrissey is playing a solo show at the Forum on October the 15th. The show will apparently feature songs from both his solo career and the Smiths back-catalogue.

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Posted by: Luke http:// Wed Sep 18 05:56:40 2002

Don't hope for too much Smiths; when I saw him, it was "Meat Is Murder" and one or two others; not a great deal. But then, I'd plump for his more recent stuff anyway. Any news of Sydney shows?

Posted by: acb Wed Sep 18 07:31:14 2002

No news about Sydney here; check your local street press.

Posted by: Ben Wed Sep 18 08:19:00 2002

Another reason not to go to Livid, then.

Posted by: acb Wed Sep 18 08:43:37 2002

yes, indeed. I'm not shelling out the $99.90 or whatever it is (or indeed buying the requisite big yellow shorts/wallet chain combo).

I wonder whether the Moz tickets will be sold in PolyEster/Gaslight/etc., or only online/by phone.

Posted by: Luke Thu Sep 19 03:58:21 2002

Coppel's site says tickets are only available at Ticketek online, or phonecharge 132 849. There's no note that they'll be sold anywhere else in Melbourne: and the site *does* say that Perth's tickets are available at 78's Records, so I'd guess they'd have said if it were the case.

How convenient that there's a Ticketek outlet near my work...

Posted by: acb Fri Sep 20 06:33:17 2002

I just got my ticket. Apparently they're close to selling out, too, after just one day.

Posted by: cos Fri Sep 20 11:38:05 2002

ok, i just bought my ticket. woo !

Posted by: acb Fri Sep 20 11:39:55 2002


I wonder whether there'll be anybody selling flowers outside the Forum on the night.

Posted by: toni http:// Sun Sep 22 23:56:27 2002

morrissey has sold out at the forum..if anyone cant make it, who has ticket/s,i will pay good money.