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You learn to fight, but never meant to

A short (30 second) video fragment I took at last night's Ninetynine performance. The bad camerawork is mine. (5.5Mb; AVI format, with somewhat dodgy sound).

There are 2 comments on "You learn to fight, but never meant to":

Posted by: Graham Fri Sep 20 12:57:24 2002

Ohhh yeah! Apparently Canon cameras AVI encoding is a bit sub-optimal.

Posted by: acb Fri Sep 20 13:05:12 2002

The main problems seem to be (a) the built-in microphone and no external mic input, (b) the lack of a microphone gain control (resulting in distortion from the PA at gigs), and (c) the lo-fi 11025Hz sample rate for the audio.

still, one could call it a sort of DIY indie grunge aesthetic or something.

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