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3% of online personals are spam

Porn spammers are taking to online dating web sites to prey on the unloved and gullible; it now seems that 3% of online personals are spam, crafted to collect email addresses and hopefully sucker the respondent into subscribing to a porn site.
While the ads are tricky to spot, it's not impossible. They tend to be women in their 20s who have very general information listed in their personal essays, and often leave many personal details fields blank. And of course, an immediate request for a private e-mail address should be suspicious.

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Posted by: Online dater Dan Mon Mar 3 11:22:58 2008

The internet is crazy nowadays! Everywhere you have these fraudulent people. I find online dating pretty interesting and convenient, but I have also made experiences with dating scam. As sad as it is, the only thing you can do is not trust people easily.

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