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Libertarian B4b3z!!!1!

Want to do your bit for the moral defense of capitalism? Why not buy a copy of the Libertarian Girls calendar; each month has a different latter-day Dagny Taggart in a patriotic pose (and showing lots of flesh too). And proceeds go towards the Libertarian Party's campaigns, so rich people can smoke dope without government interference. (via die puny humans)

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Posted by: gjw Thu Sep 26 13:04:01 2002

Geez, that's a fantastic slogan, and it pretty much sums it up, doesn't it?

Vote Libertarian: so rich people can smoke dope without government interference!

Posted by: that guy http:// Thu Sep 26 17:51:24 2002

Yeah, generally speaking, if there's one thing the government is good at, it's interfering with rich people's ability to consume drugs.

Posted by: bluenun http:// Thu Oct 3 17:24:27 2002

the libertarian party is so everyone, rich or poor, can smoke dope without the gvt. interference, duh!

Posted by: acb Thu Oct 3 17:29:48 2002

My point is that the laissez-faire, "free-market" ideology of the Libertarian Party does nothing to help the poor, and "trickle-down" economics is an ideology which exacerbates the gaps between rich and poor. And I won't even go into Objectivism and Social Darwinism, which have both infested capital-L Libertarian thought.

I'm not advocating Swedish-style nanny-state socialism, but I'm of the opinion that (a) the marketplace is not the optimum mechanism for all things, and (b) there are some services which are more efficiently provided by a state (and which benefit everybody in this way, synergistically).

Posted by: acb Thu Oct 3 17:31:43 2002

And don't get me started on the Thatcherite "there is no society, only individuals" model.