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Looks like NaNoWriMo is rolling around again in just under a month. (And no, I won't be participating; given that I'll spend part of November being rained on in Britain, for one.)

I was thinking that there should be something for less ambitious writers; call it PicoWriMo, if you will. The rules are: every day for a month you write a word and at the end you have a free-verse poem or a (very) short story.

On, and another thing: my cat turned 1 today. Happy birthday, Fantod.

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Posted by: sam Thu Oct 3 12:42:47 2002

Happy birthday!

What's happening in Britain? Is it just a holiday?

Posted by: acb Thu Oct 3 12:57:35 2002

Basically. Visiting friends, travelling around, taking way too many digital photos, and probably raiding the second-hand record shops of London.

Posted by: sam Fri Oct 4 16:20:15 2002

Excellent. Make sure to bring home plenty of records!

Hey I just noticed that Kraftwerk are playing at the Big Day Out next year. It's about $100 though. I almost think it's worth it; it'd be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Hmm, still debating though.. (I'm not really interested in any of the other bands playing there).

Posted by: Graham Sat Oct 5 03:10:04 2002

?! I can just see Kraftwerk playing in the Boiler Room to a bunch of technomooks wondering who the hell these guys are...

Posted by: acb Sat Oct 5 10:12:18 2002

I'd be surprised if Kraftwerk don't do a solo gig at the Corner/the Prince of Wales/Revolver/Pony/somewhere.

Posted by: Graham Sat Oct 5 13:08:00 2002

Yeah. And you'll probably first hear about it a week after it happens.

Posted by: acb Sat Oct 5 15:47:28 2002

What, you mean it won't be mentioned in Beat or InPress?

Posted by: sam http:// Sun Oct 6 12:41:25 2002

It better bloody well be; I'd rather go there than the Big Day Out! Or it at least better be advertised somewhere that you (acb) read so that you can pass it on to us. :)

I'm certainly going to keep my eyes and ears open for any extra gigs they might do though.