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Why Hipsters Suck

Why Hipsters Suck. Heh. (via If Then Else)

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Posted by: James Mazurak Fri May 7 19:55:41 2004

Of course, I live in Vancouver, which seems to be a nice humid climate for these cockroaches to breed and multiply. Although don't tell them to breed because you'll get the smarmy "oh, I can't be bothered to have children, that's just so breeder-like".

Well, in Vancouver, they can be frequently found at The Railway Club, The Pic, or the Anza Club, plus, the occassional gig at Richards on Richards if it happens to be a Matador/Thrill Jockey/K Records etc. etc. artist.

Most of them are so "elite" you'd probably always have the out-of-date secret password.

I personally have given up on the shlock as I tried going out with this "chick" Erin and the word "commitment" just went in one end of her neatly greased bob and out the other. So there you have it, Hipsterella's are just neatly disguised bar-whores.