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Now that's what I call a warblog

Blogging, it has been claimed, was born on September 11, 2001, in a burst of grief and resolute patriotism. Now blogs have gone to war. The US Army unit responsible for the America's Army game has now launched an actual real-life warblog. Not one of those chickenhawk letters-column warblogs, but one written by "Scorpion", a pseudonymous US soldier based in 'stan, describing military life there. As you might expect from a recruitment tool, it's heavily vetted, and has a somewhat Spielbergesque sentimentality about it.

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Posted by: billy http:// Fri Oct 4 15:25:23 2002

well, leave it to the army to fuck shit up for the rest of us.

Posted by: alex http:// Sat Oct 5 17:21:42 2002

I wonder if anyone in Saddam's Republican Guard has a blog.

o/` o/` If there's a war between the bloggers then there'll be no people le-eft... o/` o/`

(apologies to Mr. Costello)

Posted by: acb Sat Oct 5 17:24:05 2002

Given that the Internet was outlawed in Iraq, probably not.

Posted by: Graham Sun Oct 6 00:15:48 2002

The apologies ought to go to Joe Jackson, actually.

Posted by: alex http:// Sun Oct 6 08:11:06 2002

Oh, I'm just an apologist at heart. Apologies to Joe Jackson, and to the other audiophiles trolling the null feedback!

Posted by: Graham Sun Oct 6 12:26:37 2002

That's OK. I get my new wave songwriters mixed up too sometimes...