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Love of Diagrams video clip

As promised, the video clip from the Love of Diagrams set at the Ninetynine CD launch on Saturday is online (6.5Mb AVI format; 30 seconds). It'll stay up for at least a week. (I can only keep 1 video clip up at a time in my Alphalink account, so the Ninetynine clip I put up earlier is gone.)

Hmmm.. perhaps it's time to expand this into a proper live-gig-video-of-the-week page?

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Posted by: jarrod http:// Mon Oct 7 11:58:00 2002

i have to say after witnessing quite a few preformances of LOD over the last year they are rapidly turning into my faviroute local outfit. so goood.

Posted by: acb Mon Oct 7 12:00:27 2002

Yes. Any idea whether they're planning to record?

Posted by: jarrod http:// Mon Oct 7 13:56:49 2002

i was told that they recorded with laura from 99 a month or so ago, but i dunno what they are doing with it

Posted by: acb Mon Oct 7 15:30:08 2002

cool... hopefully we'll see something for it soon.

That and the new Sir album that's recorded and waiting to be mixed/mastered.

Posted by: jarrod http:// Tue Oct 8 08:11:07 2002

sirs american label has some mp3s samples from the new album