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Golf carts to school

Our obesogenic society: In parts of the US, walking is something that's not done outside of the home. If you're an adult, you drive. If you're a school student, you drive a golf cart to school. How long until there is a whole line of electric carts in "extreme teen" styles/colours, sold at Wal-Marts across the US and aimed at the commuting needs of suburban kids?

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Posted by: Andrew Tue Oct 8 03:13:21 2002

What about a bike?! Damn! Oh yeah, but there is no such thing as a bike lane in suburban US. Half the roads don't even have footpaths.

And what happened to the Segway?

Posted by: acb Tue Oct 8 03:21:29 2002

Well, apparently the Segway-centric reengineering of US cities is taking longer than anticipated.

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