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Canada to decriminalise marijuana?

Canada's outgoing Prime Minister wants to decriminalise marijuana. Not because he's a pothead or anything (he's not), but for more practical reasons. The US is unhappy with this, and has made threatening noises about trade restrictions and more. Perhaps if it happens, we'll see Whitlam-style "regime change" in Canada?

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Posted by: Graham Tue Oct 8 08:56:54 2002

Who knows. The CIA might have their hands busy with Brazil over the next couple of months, since it looks like a Lefty president is about to be democratically elected there...

Posted by: alex Wed Oct 9 16:35:15 2002

what does 'Whitlam-style "regime change"' mean here? Was there really a CIA involvement in Nugen-Hand? Does anyone care?

oh god (O_o)

*starts chanting* U-S-A! U-S-A!

Posted by: MJ http:// Wed Oct 9 18:57:56 2002

Oh Canada!

Wonder how this effects Renee Boje and the rest seeking asylum from the US government.

Like Gram Parsons sung (albeit for a different reason), Vancouver may be just my kind of town.