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Frankenstein Computer God parroting puppet

Computer-generated warblogging; just enter the name of a liberal figure, hit the button and watch it go and tear them to shreds with machine-like thoroughness, exposing their vile, Chomsky-like treachery, dishonesty and pathological detachment from reality and using lots of lofty words in the process. God Bless America!
"Maybe we could compare this to another war besides World War II for a change," says that most pro-Saddam of the multiculturalists, Albert Gore, jr. This is why I could no longer write for Z Magazine, not with a clear conscience. The hot-tubbers of the contemptuously political Left are not capable of rational thought. So they accuse tough people like Condie Rice of whatever pops into their heads. There you have it: the ad-hominem irrelevance, the hollow self-immolation of the anti-war Left. Amiri Baraka's appeasement was appeasing. It was dishonest. It was child-molesting. But I understate. "This whole thing is bullshit," said Al Gore in an interview with Connie Chung, refusing to disclose his own position, which is shockingly Chomsky-like and anti-movement.

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Posted by: mitch http:// Thu Oct 10 04:04:55 2002

The proof that our mission is candid and moral is that it's so risky.

Posted by: GJW Thu Oct 10 05:05:37 2002

This is funniest when you put in your own name.

"I suppose some notice should be paid to the performance that the pathological Grant Williamson delivered Monday on his web page. "I was wondering, has anyone who is less than several thousand miles away from Baghdad said anything about feeling threatened by Scud Missiles? 'Cos they don't go that far," he said. That's not what Grant Williamson was saying last year. Grant Williamson, sneeringly, is a bleating, naked opportunist."

Posted by: GJW Thu Oct 10 05:07:04 2002

Mitch; you really believe that the more stupid, dangerous and risky something is, the more justified and moral it is? I guess that _could_ sum up modern conservative thought, but it could also sum up the Tom Green show. Fantastic.

Posted by: mitch http:// Thu Oct 10 05:45:36 2002

GJW and his cunning multiculturalists are at it again. "I have a few questions I'd like to ask about this," he said in a dream I recently had.

Posted by: acb Thu Oct 10 06:48:58 2002

I've known Mitch for a few years and right now I'm not sure what he believes; my suspicion that he's playing a game on two levels, or has decided to believe in the Bush worldview (and logically extrapolate a plausible reality from it) as an intellectual exercise. If he's playing a very deep game it wouldn't surprise me in the least. Then again, perhaps he had a road-to-Damascus experience somewhere along the way.

Posted by: Graham Thu Oct 10 09:22:18 2002

Well, perhaps Mitch's just sceptical of _everyone_, which is not a bad thing to be.

Apropros of nothing, I, for one, am not entirely convinced that the CIA had that much to do with Whitlam's dismissal, even though they undoubtedly cheered when it happened.

Posted by: mitch http:// Thu Oct 10 11:38:04 2002

Just think of me as the Christopher Hitchens of the Discordian demimonde. (I haven't entirely crossed over to the <a href="">ShrubGenii</a> yet.)

Posted by: mitch http:// Thu Oct 10 11:39:21 2002

Or as just another markup bozo.