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Support for Iraq invasion skyrockets after Bali

Polls taken in Britain after the Bali bombing have shown that support for invading Iraq has skyrocketed, and that the public has a poor grasp of cause and effect. Or at least, if we go in there and kick Saddam's ass, it feels like we're doing something. We can't catch Osama bin Laden, so let's string Saddam up in his place. And won't our dead compatriots be vindicated by ExxonMobil's new Iraqi operations and the shiny new McDonalds in Baghdad?

I wonder how army recruiting offices are doing; have they had to hire additional staff to cope with the rush of people wanting to sign up to go and kick some towelhead ass?

(If you want to see the future of Western society post-9/11, go rent Starship Troopers.)

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