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Let's annex Canada!

While ~40% of Britons want to invade Iraq, another poll shows that 40% of Americans want to annex Canada. Though the article stresses this isn't a manifestation of belief in America's God-given manifest destiny or desire to dominate the continent, but a gesture of friendship and good will to their friends up north. (Hmmm.. could it be something like "let's liberate our Northern brothers from the shackles of state-funded medicine and gun control and give them citizenship in a real country"?) Meanwhile, just under 20% of Canadians favour Canada joining the United States. (via

(Does anyone recall the proposals floating around during the dot-com boom for northern California, Oregon and Washington state to unite with British Columbia, all parties cutting loose Washington DC, the Bible Belt, Quebec and other such liabilities and making a new manifest destiny out of dot-com stock options?)

There are 3 comments on "Let's annex Canada!":

Posted by: Graham Wed Oct 16 14:27:58 2002

What, Cascadia?

Posted by: Missjenjen Wed Oct 16 23:38:11 2002

WA has been pushing to cede from the rest of Australia for years. Charles Court nearly busted a gut trying to get the thing going.


Posted by: richard Thu Oct 17 02:23:23 2002

Sure, 40% of yanks want to annex Canada. But 60% of them believe Canada already is a US State :)