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New saviours of Rock'N'Roll

A BBC article on the much-hyped New Saviours of Rock; i.e., the Strokes/White Stripes/Vines (oh, and the Datsuns too, Jen).
Form your own "new rock" band You will need:

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Posted by: Graham Wed Oct 23 14:02:55 2002

Hmm, isn't one of the White Stripes female?

Posted by: Diane http:// Wed Oct 23 19:34:59 2002

All I can say about this "new rock" hype is... it reminds me of The Romantics!! (particularly The Hives)

Posted by: Graham Thu Oct 24 09:16:01 2002

At least it seems to have scared off Limp Bizkit. Remember them?

Posted by: Jody http:// Thu Oct 24 09:18:10 2002

This list excludes Andrew W.K., who doesn't have a 'the' in his name, and only knows two chords.

Posted by: Graham Thu Oct 24 13:32:25 2002

Yeah, but he's a metal dude. Doesn't count.

Posted by: Buster Hihmenn Fri Oct 25 20:39:20 2002

The thin requirement would exclude The Soundtrack of Our Lives and the dark hair requirement axes The Queens of the Stone Age. So it's still cool to like those bands right?