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So here I am in London, home of the brash outrageous and free. I'm now typing this on a borrowed laptop in Ealing (a perfectly pleasant and very leafy sort of place). After hopping on a plane and spending some 20 hours onboard, mostly watching the animated map on the screen in front of me, I spent much of the day wandering around Notting Hill and Soho, and managed to visit a few of the local record shops. I only picked up 4 CDs, though (a promo copy of Primal Scream's Autobahn 66, Neil Finn's cover of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (only £1, and so far sounds quite decent, if not particularly different from the original), Röyksopp's nicely electroclashy Remind Me single, and the Pop Romantique compilation with Air and Ivy and such, all at Music & Video Exchange).

A few observations while I still remember:

Anyway, I'm about to fall over, so it's goodbye from me for now. More to come later, including possibly photos if I sort out some technical problems.

Btw, does anyone know a good way of getting Windows 95 to talk to USB Mass Storage devices (i.e., CompactFlash readers), or IDE storage devices? Is it doable?

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Posted by: cos Thu Oct 24 23:23:13 2002

- yes, the flaming lips album is good ! I haven't listened to _Pop Romantique_ in quite a while, but there were some good moments, IIRC.

- to make win95/win98 talk to CF/USB adaptors, you'd need whatever software came with the adaptor (it's the only reason they give you some software, 'cause they work out of the box on anything newer than Win98).

Posted by: limey Thu Oct 24 23:31:56 2002

You lucky bastard. I envy you're being in my hometown. I was going to help you out on your problem, but the previous comment answered it: you need software that should have come with the hardware.

Posted by: Graham Fri Oct 25 08:54:36 2002

Woo, cognitive dissonance. This reminds me a bit of when Australian chat shows decide to do a program from London. (I'm thinking particularly of Steve Vizard's Letterman rip-off...)

Posted by: Misha Verbitsky Fri Oct 25 19:39:27 2002

To work with USB on Windoze 95, you need to install OSR-2 for W-95. Otherwise it will not see your USB.

How to get OSR-2 I have no idea - in Russia they make these "All versions of Windoze and everything you need on one disk" pirate CDs, this is where I got mine.

All the best Misha