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London update live bands etc.

I picked up the recent Time Out (sort of like the London Beat/InPress, only in magazine format, not free and a bit more upmarket), and apparently there's an indie-band open-stage night tonight at some place called the George and Dragon, in West Acton. Which could be something good, or it could be third-rate post-Oasis brit-rock bands or something. I might go to check it out anyway.

Also, the supports for next Tuesday's Ninetynine gig at the Metro Club sound good; one of them is said to be C86 inspired, which to a Field Mice fan like myself sounds rather promising.

In other words, I went to the Portobello Market today and scored a pair of Doc Martens for £35 (which comes out as A$98 or so with the peso's current exchange rate). Not bad, given that they cost close to twice that much back home. Ben Sherman shirts don't seem to be much cheaper here, though.

There are 3 comments on "London update live bands etc.":

Posted by: Graham Sun Oct 27 02:59:26 2002

Ahh, but what are the price of Blunnies over there? (If you can find them...)

Posted by: Ben Sun Oct 27 10:29:03 2002

Will we be getting pix of the Ninetynine show then?

Posted by: acb Sun Oct 27 20:07:57 2002

You will be, if I can get my camera working. The on switch seems to have become stuck. Rather annoying, that.