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Tate Modern

I spent most of today wandering around Tate Modern. It's pretty doovy, and should be on the itinerary of any London visitor interested in 20th-century art. Some of the things which made the biggest impression were the Jan Svankmajer animation (that's the one about three varieties of dialogue), the Sarah Lucas room (which contained a number of objects as social commentary, including a garden gnome covered in cigarettes and pages of a tabloid newspaper, presented verbatim as comment on the prurient interests it is aimed at), Thomas Struth's photographs of buildings and cityscapes, Cindy Sherman's Bus Riders (a series of photographs of the artist disguised as various bus passengers), the Soviet propaganda posters, and the mail-art room (which, alas, was towards the end of my visit, and I didn't have the time to do it justice).

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